How to Detect a Cell Phone Jammer?

How to Detect a Cell Phone Jammer

A cell phone jammer is a device that prevents cell phones from receiving signals carried by antennas on a cell tower, or more accurately, a cell site. It works by transmitting on the same frequency as a neighboring cell phone, but with a signal that is significantly “louder and more powerful.”

The strength of the connection between a mobile phone and the surrounding cell site to which it connects is determined by both inbound and outbound signals and is influenced by a variety of factors. Some of the primary criteria that influence whether a mobile phone reception is good or terrible include the distance between the phone and the cell tower, as well as the amount of obstacles/hurdles between them.

In addition, poor reception (fewer bars) usually suggests a long-distance connection and/or a lot of signal interruption between the cell phone and the cell tower. That’s why you’re having trouble getting reception in your garage or basement. The signal has a significantly harder time penetrating certain parts of the house.

A mobile phone jammer differs from any other electronic device on the market. The signal intensity in a given location has a significant impact on its performance and efficiency.

Only if the cell phone signal strength in that location is decent or weak may a cell phone jammer with 1W of output power per channel block cell phone signals within 10-30 meters (1-2 signal bars on your phone). If your phone receives full coverage (3-4 signal bars), a mobile phone jammer with the same output power (1W) can only guarantee a jamming radius of 3-10 meters.

Detectors can be installed and used anywhere. For example, perhaps you just want some peace of mind when taking the bus and don’t want to cope with the commotion. So you turn on your cell phone GSM jammer, then your call will be dropped and you can’t get service.

Every classroom may have a simple portable mobile phone jammer installed without anybody noticing. It can be stowed away in the teacher’s desk drawer or in a cabinet elsewhere in the classroom, allowing teachers to continue teaching without interruption.

Employees can utilize a desktop jammer like the B88, which is beneficial. The longer jamming range can protect a 20-60 meter office space. You may use the Eagle high-power desktop jammer to disrupt cellular signals across a building and prevent any disruptions.


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