Cell Phone Blocker For Classroom Guide 2023

Why classrooms need cell phone jammer

One setting where cell phone jammers have been proposed is in classrooms. The use of mobile phones in classrooms has become a major issue in recent years, with many teachers and administrators concerned that they are a distraction and disrupt the learning environment. Students who use their phones during class can also cheat by looking up information or texting answers to each other.

Why classrooms need cell phone jammer?

During class, students use mobile phones to distract attention, causing them to miss important knowledge from the teacher.

For important exams, prevent students from passing answers to each other, and more seriously, prevent students from buying exam answers. False and unfair test results.

In some important classrooms, the knowledge taught by the teacher cannot be leaked to prevent students from directly spreading it to third parties, causing information leakage.

How to Safely Use Jammers in the Classroom?

Apply with the school safety director in advance, and report to the FCC government, and use it legally in the designated area and time after obtaining authorization.

Use a low-power jammer to prevent excessive power from affecting the signal outside the classroom. Of course, this may only block part of the mobile phone signal, but nothing is 100% accurate, and safety comes first.

Use a jammer with a relatively concealed shape instead of an external antenna, which can easily attract the attention of students. In many movies and TV series, the jammers we see have several external antennas, which can easily arouse students’ interest.

What kind of jammers do classrooms need?

The antenna is built-in, so you don’t need to spend time installing and dismantling the antenna, it is easy to use and has strong concealment.

With a remote control, you can control the work of the jammer at any time. For example, turn on the shielding device when the exam is about to end, because some students will start cheating at that time. After the test, immediately turn off the jammer through the remote control.

I recommend the mobile phone jammer below, which is hidden in shape and has remote control function. It can block 2G 3G 4G 5G WIFI GPS signals, which is very suitable for use in classrooms!

Hidden Built-In 11 Antennas 5G WIFI 2.4G 5.5G GPS L1 Signal Jammer

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