Do Black Box Jammers Work Guide 2022

What Is A Black Box Jammer?

A black box to help British governments determine the price of car insurance prices based on how you drive everyday. Using tracking technology to monitor your driving

This Telematics device uses GPS Tracking and mobile phone data (GSM/2G) through the SIM card.

The functions of car insurance black boxes are as follows:

1. Daily driving route trajectory(invasion of privacy and high risk of disclosure)
2. When you drive during the day
3. How many miles you drove
4. How fast I drove
5. Overspeed(get penalised)
6. Emergency brake

In the UK, the common brands of black boxes are as follows:

1. Ticker Black box insurance for new and young drivers | Ticker insurance which uses GPS+GSM/2G: Ticker is connected insurance gives you everything in an app: make changes to your insurance with no admin fees, chat for help and check your driving stats.

2. RAC: Drive well, pay less with RAC Black Box Car Insurance. By using telematics technology to monitor how you drive we can reward safe driving.

3. Insurethebox | Drive Safe & Get Rewards: Black box insurance with personalised premiums. At insurethebox we reward safe driving – prove us you drive well and reduce your premium at renewal.

4. WiseDriving: Car insurance savings for young drivers, low mileage drivers and new drivers with black box car insurance from WiseDriving – Get a quote online today.

How Does A Black Box Jammer Work?

First, we know how the black box locates and uploads data to the car.

1. the GPS positioning module gets the coordinates of the car via satellite;
2. the GSM cellular signal module gets the coordinates of the car through the base station;
3. the above coordinates and speed information will be transmitted to the black box server via GSM signal.

So the black box jammer needs to block the above two signals to achieve the purpose.

Where to Buy Black Box Jammer? Ebay? Amazon? Aliexpress? Wish? Shopee? Walmart?

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It may be difficult for you to buy the right black box jammers on these online shopping platforms, and even if you do, there may be no after-sales service in the future, as the stores may be closed at any time.

I just searched for “black box jammer” from Amazon and EBAY, and there were only unrelated products.

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Are Black Box Jammers Illegal UK? The following cases are legal:

1. for personal emergency use and discourage others from using it.
2. highways where there are no other cars and where there is no safety impact on others.
3. for experiments for testing purposes.

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