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How much is shipping?

All prices quoted on our website include FREE Shipping except where noted (high power cell phone jammers, prison units, and VIP / Military jammers do not qualify for free shipping).

When will my order ship?

Please allow up to 3 business days for order processing. After processing time please allow up to an additional 3-5 business days for product delivery. Please note that while we ask that you allow up to 10 business days for delivery, most products arrive much sooner. See About Us for additional information.

Can I get my order FAST?

At checkout you may choose the FREE shipping option (7-10 business days for delivery) or the FAST option (3-5 business days for delivery) which has a £19.00 per item surcharge. From time to time the FAST option may be suspended due to conditions beyond our control to meet delivery time frame quotes.

How do you ship orders?

All orders are shipped 2 day air via AIR MAIL OR EXPRESS DHL. If DHL does not deliver to your area, we will ship using 2 day air UPS or TNT, depending upon your country / location.



Now we can only receive the mastercard, pls do not try VISA!


Western Union payment is very convenient, and more anonymous than credit cards, if you want to pay us with Western Union, please email us!


For large orders, please use bank payment, we will tell you the bank information!


Return policy

Return policy :

Quality inspection personnel will check good product then shipped to the customer’s hands, after the goods arrive, please check the quality of goods .

*About the return of the products appear bad situation,We will give you a refund within 7 days.

*If the product quality problems
confirm the product quality problems, the jammerssl provide round and trip logistics costs

*We will sign for return of the product at the end of a period of time to delivery, ensure that arrive within two weeks

*If returned to the goods do not agree with the order of the products, jammerssl won’t admit

*If appear below this kind of situation, jammerssl is also won’t agree to return

*After quality inspection personnel check not confirm product not appear problems
product returned to later, due to the reason of customer lead product failure, etc

*Return to the goods has been modified, after modification

*What you hand products appear to quality problems and need to exchange or refund, please contact our customer service staff, our email is Then please wait for our reply, if there is no email communication in advance, we won’t sign for return to the product. And after a refund, we need to confirm the product has been received and will give you a refund, this as you need to wait for a period of time.

*A replacement policy

*A replacement on the jammerssl is also acceptable

*If the customer’s own want to exchange goods, the logistics cost by the client’s own

*Receipt after goods arrive, within a week, together with the customer contact customer service personnel

*To sign for the goods cannot be damaged, guaranteed to be complete, no stains

*Return to the goods can not be modified, amended.

*After the logistics delivery, not without reason cancel the order, please make sure the good before order .
*If customers want to return it, please email contact with, and then wait for our reply. Without email told in advance, we won’t accept return, and after the arrival of goods, the logistics cost in determining what is good, please wait for processing time and then a refund, please be aware that this situation when a refund