I am looking a jammer to stop the 868Mhz frequency band

I am looking to stop the 868Mhz frequency band

Basically trying to make our conference and lecture rooms unable to transmit any frequencies from with-in.

We are using the incognito box already, but somehow a signal in the 868 band is not being stopped in the room.

Outside the room it is fine, all signals are allowed.

But how do we stop what appears to be some sort of home network signal in the room?

One student said it is a ZigBee radio channel, but I do not know what this is and have never heard of ZigBee.

We have stopped all 2.4 and 5G, so students are not able to interrupt lectures so easily.

It has been bliss for us for some time now, thanks for the Incognito box. We actually think the students seem to be more engaged with lectures because of this.

What have you got that can block this 868Mhz frequency range, if anything, as not sure what uses it or what is transmitted on it?

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