Pocket GSM GPRS GPS Tracking Jammer

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Easy to take and good for your car avoid be tracked by GPS tracker!

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SSL Security+Premium Quality+Tracking # Given in 12 Hours
SSL Security+Premium Quality+Tracking # Given in 12 Hours

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Wherever you are, no A-GPS tracker or common GPS tracking device will be able to find your location, and no GSM cell phone will violate calm around you.

Frequencies in Europe: GSM900/1800 and GPS L1
Frequencies in America: GSM850/1900 and GPS L1

Radius Covered: 1-5 meters(Note: this model jamming range about 1 ~ 5 meters, depend on your location network signal intensity, for some place near to network station may not working.)
Supply of Power: Battery or power adapter
Strength of Current: 700mA
Battery Description: Li-ion 3.7V 1300mAh, 1-2 hours of work, 2.5 hours of recharge
Supplied Adapters: AC 110~250V 5VDC, car charger 12~24V 5VDC, each 2000mA
Jammer Size: 97 x 44 x 20 mm
Product Weight: 68g/500g (device/package)
Allowed Temperatures: 0C to 50C
Allowed Humidity: 5% to 80%



super good

Shipping was fast enough to the uk although I paid for normal air mail shipping fee. Moreover the device functions pretty well.


très bien

le brouilleur gps fonctionne bien, et le tracker GPS est effectivement bloqué.


nice product :-)

At first i ordered a one antenna jammer which blocks only gps signal. Thanks to the seller who informed me that they had this three antenna jammer at the same price, blocking not only gps but also gsm/gprs frequency. This one is what I finally got, and it's able to jam the gps tracker (using gps+gsm) in my car. Thanks again!!

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The gps blocker works like a charm!

I've been working in a taxi company for a long time, but a tracker was installed in the car a few months ago. I'm not used to constant monitoring, so I decided to buy a GPS signal blocker. Checked - the instant I turned on the blocker, my car immediately disppears from the monitor at the dispatcher. Fabulous!


Excellent seller as well as products!

I had totally no idea which jammer would be suitable for blocking the gps tracker in my car, and the seller recommended this jammer to me. Now the package has been safely received, jammer also tested and works so far so good!


Thanks for your kind service and quality product

Thanks to the seller's considerateness, otherwise I may have chosen the wrong jammer. Now the parcel has been safely received and everything works well so far. I will recommend this store to my friend!


Works well and the price is more than justified!

Great jammer! Works well and the price is more than justified. I use it both in the office and when I go to negotiations. Very comfortable. Thank you.


Very good gps blocker

The GPS blocker was received quite quickly. Tested and it works exactly as I wanted.


Thank you very much!

Thanks for providing such an excellent GPS jammer. Now with this jammer installed in my car, I have no worries of being tracked and spied by others any more!

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Pocket GSM GPRS GPS Tracking Jammer

Pocket GSM GPRS GPS Tracking Jammer

Easy to take and good for your car avoid be tracked by GPS tracker!