Note: This GPS jammer can only block GPS L1/L2 signals, and CANNOT block GSM/GPRS signal which is usually used by some GPS trackers!

This jammer adopts the dual-output dual antennas, with a coverage range of 3~15 Meters(depending on the strength of satellite signals). It is able to block the GPS signal of various positioning terminal within its jamming range, leaving the GPS devices affected totally losing contact with the outside world.

The vehicle speed shown at the monitoring base will be the last speed before the jamming is enabled or just shown as zero.

This GPS tracker jammer can be directly applied in both big and small vehicles: working frequency is 20MHz, and the frequency range is 1560-1580MHz; 1150-1250MHz.

Technical Specifications:
Input Voltage: 12-24v
Jamming Radius: 3~15 Meters
Jamming frequency: 1560-1580MHz; 1150-1250MHz
The jammer will function properly as soon as it's plugged into the car cigarette lighter.

1. More effectively block GPS satellite signals, protecting your privacy concerning your whereabouts and information confidentiality;
2. Can only block GPS satellite signals and BDS(BeiDou Navigation Satellite System) positioning, having no influence on normal phone calls.

User instructions:
1. Open the package, take out GPS jammer, and install the antennas;
2. Start your car/truck first, then plug the GPS jammer into the car cigarette lighter;
3. When the indicator light is on, then the jammer is working properly;
4. Unplug the GPS tracker jammer directly after usage.

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2018 Dual antennas car gps tracker jammer

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