Nowadays, drones are popular for taking amazing footage and videos, and drone market is also developing rapidly. With the wide-ranging R&D and production of drones/UAVs by manufacturers such as DJI, Xaircraft, Zerotech and so on, drones are easily reachable at low costs for not only law enforcement officials/authorities but also commercial drone-pilots as well as hobbiests. However, there is always risk of malicious use of this technology or even just annoying.

This Drone Jammer is a blocking device that disconnects unwanted drones from their ground control system by jamming their GPS/GLONASS signal as well as the normally used 2.4GHz &5.8GHz frequencies. Drones exposed to electromagnetic attack thus get neutralized and loose contact with command and control station.

Having no harm to human health and being absolutely environmentally friendly, this Drone Killer offers an effective, quiet and quick solution to combat drones.


Jamming frequencies
1560~1620MHz 10W (GPS L1 + GLONASS L1)
2400~2486MHz 20W (WiFi 2.4G & Bluetooth)
5720~5850MHz 50W (WiFi 5.8G)

Jamming Radius: 300-500m, depending on the signal strength in given area.
Dimension: 385x445x300mm
Power Supply: AC220V-DC5V
Weight: ≤16Kg

Cut off all the contact between drones and command/control station
The ground control system of drones cannot receive any aerial photography and videos.
Drones affected cannot be located; the interceptor can force drones to land or return to base.

NOTE: As G*U*N is a prohibited sensitive item, the G*U*N handle won't be included when actually shipping this product! (need to be equipped by the customers themselves)

Introduction on the main unit:

① The trigger master switch of the Drone Jammer
② 5.8G antenna port
③ GPS antenna port
④ 2.4G antenna port
⑤ 2.4G knob controlled switch: can be switched on by turning the knob clockwise.
⑥ GPS knob controlled switch: can be switched on by turning the knob clockwise.
Note: when the 2.4G switch is on, the remote controlling of a drone will be jammed. When GPS switch is on, the navigation of the drone will be blocked and the drone won't be able to return to base.


  1. The installation of antennas must be finished first before power supply is connected. Never take down the antennas when the main unit is in working status.
  2. The drone jammer should be placed at locations with good ventilation. Try to avoid it from being covered/sheltered by large objects, so as to guarantee good jamming effects.
  3. When using the drone jammer outdoors, please avoid water and violent sun.

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Drone Jammer for WiFi 2.4G 5.8G and GPS Signals[G*U*N handle not included] Drone Interceptor

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