• 14 Antennas Desktop Signal Jammer: for 70MHZ-2700MHZ
  • Can block a frequency range as low as 70MHz!
  • Stands out from other 14 antennas jammers sold by other sellers;
  • It's even better than most 16 antennas jammers sold in the market!

In the modern information age, the high-speed development of communication technology, mobile phones have become an indispensable tool in people's daily work and life. However, the wide application of cell phones often leads to some problem that can't be ignored, such as information leakage(a great threat to confidentiality security), noise pollution and disturbance, distraction to work, criminal tools for cheating in exams and even terrorists, and so on.

This Desktop Signal Jammer is able to block the most frequently used mobile 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi, VHF and UHF (for walkie-talkie and so on) signals, in order to create a more peaceful, safe and pleasing environment for the targeted area. Each antenna(frequency band) has a separate switch button, so you can decide to block the unwanted signals while not influencing on other frequencies.

Technical Specifications:
Jamming frequencies:

  1. Audio & Radio Frequency(VHF): 70-110MHz
  2. Audio & Radio Frequency(VHF): 110-174MHz
  3. Audio & Radio Frequency(VHF): 174-300MHz
  4. Audio & Radio Frequency(UHF): 300-450MHz
  5. Audio & Radio Frequency(UHF): 450-600MHz
  6. Audio & Radio Frequency(UHF): 600-800MHz
  7. CDMA: 865-880MHz
  8. GSM: 925-960MHz
  9. DCS: 1805-1920MHz
  10. 3G: 2010-2145MHz
  11. 3G: 2110-2145MHz
  12. 4G: 2300-2400MHz
  13. WiFi: 2400-2483MHz
  14. 4G: 2555-2655MHz

Jamming radius: 2-50m, (the jamming range depends on the signal strength of the mobile carrier in the given area)
Power supply: AC220V-DC12V
Continuous working time >=12 hours
Working temperature: -10℃ ~ +55℃
Weight: 4.5Kg
Dimensions(LxWxH): 480x320x80mm


  • The effective jamming range is the circular area centered on the jammer, so please select a proper location/orientation to place the jammer, to avoid blind corners.
  • The jammer should be placed at sites with good ventilation, and try to avoid being sheltered by big objects as well as strong electromagnetic source with strong heat, so as to guarantee the jamming effect and continuously stable working.
  • Never put any other items on the jammer while it's working, otherwise the jamming effect will be influenced and damage may be caused to the main unit.
  • Please disconnect the jammer from the power supply timely when the jammer is not in use, otherwise the normal usage of mobile phones will be influenced.
  • While using at outdoors, please avoid water!
  • When the targeted area is larger than the jammer's effective jamming range, we suggest multiple jammer be installed in the form of honeycomb to guarantee the jamming effect.
  • Please avoid corrosive gas as well as fluid, and guarantee proper dust & humidity prevention work, so as to reduce the aging of the inner components.
  • When placed at outdoors or field, please add protection equipment to prevent mice, ants and other destructive animals.

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14 Antennas Desktop Signal Jammer: for 70MHZ-2700MHZ

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